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Angela McGuire has been an artist and educator for nearly 20 years and additionally is certified in special education. She focuses her tutoring on elementary and middle school reading and language arts and teaches all other subjects. She currently instructs individualized classes focusing on reading challenges such as dyslexia among many others. While working with a variety of ability groups, she recognized that intelligence and ability are innate within every person. The way one attains the goal may be unique, but the ability is present. Her program focuses on creative thinking and expression through the arts as well as academia.


Learning should be fun. Artists will enjoy attending our program and always learn more.  Who Art thou strives to engage and stimulate thought and helps transform the artistic process in clear and easy steps. We teach an alternative way to express ideas.  As educators it is our job at Who Art Thou to, “tap into,” each person's ability to recognize their strengths and soar with a newly found confidence. No matter at what level one may be, our program will challenge and stimulate the artist within. Who Art Thou focuses on the artist's individual creative needs.


Private and small group tutoring for academic subjects, enrichment classes consisting of movement and art (Artsercise) 


Larger groups will receive negotiated discounts.

Class pricing varies based on services provided.

Private tutoring $35 per hour as available

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